At CHAPTER2, we live by the motto, “great product at a great value”.

The Internet has changed the way we experience brands and buy products and has created a great opportunity for consumers to buy awesome products that used to costs a lot more at a fair value.

At CHAPTER2, we were born into the Internet Economy and believe that bicycles and bicycle parts suppliers should offer consumers good value for money for pro-level products. Most manufacturers use a very traditional and antiquated distribution system that involves many many layers, adding unnecessary cost and complexity.

When you buy a CHAPTER2 frame, there is just you and us. You will never need to endure the dealer’s sales pitch and deal with second and sometimes third hand information. If you have a sales and technical question, you have direct access to people that actually know about the product, your frame’s designers and engineers. Just jump onto our “C2 Chat” or drop us an email at [email protected] and you’ll get instant response to your queries.

Our Service Course partners in various markets are here to help with all your enquires and you can contact them here.

We know what it’s like to buy your next dream bike; the anticipation and excitement can be overwhelming. That’s why all our shipping options provide a tracking tool so you know exactly where and when it will arrive.