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Q/ What warranty does CHAPTER2 offer?

A/ CHAPTER2 offers a global lifetime warranty for the structure of frame, forks, seatpost and components and 2-years for paint. Refer to details here for warranty.

Q/ What should I do if I suspect a CHAPTER2 product has a defect?

A/ For safety reasons, you should stop riding your bike immediately. You should contact us at the earliest possible time at [email protected] quoting your invoice name and purchase date.

Q/ What should I do if parts by other manufacturers on my bike shows signs of defect?

A/ Our warranty only applies to CHAPTER2 branded parts/components. All other parts are covered under their own respective manufacturer’s warranty policy. You should consult the representative in your country for customer service for parts made by another manufacturer.

Q/ Why do I have to pay for shipping of a frame to CHAPTER2 for warranty inspection/claim?

A/ In order to avoid any bogus/fraudulent warranty claims we have put in place a purchaser pays for return for inspection policy. After our engineers have inspected the claim and provided that the claim is approved, we will pay for the repaired/replaced parts’ shipping cost and reimburse your shipping cost upon receipt of proof of payment to a reputable courier or Speedpost service. If the claim is rejected, we will return your frame part at our cost.

Q/ What payment methods can I use?

A/ We accept Visa and Paypal via a secure portal. Your payment is secure with SSL encryption.

We also accept direct transfer of funds into our bank account. Email us at [email protected] for more information regarding direct transfer.

Q/ What countries do you ship to?

A/ At present, we are focused on providing a seamless payment and aftersales service in all major markets and the website has been designed to accept payment and/or calculate shipping rates for most destinations. However, we are able to quote you shipping cost for any country not currently listed. Email us at [email protected] for a shipping quote.

Q/ Why do I have to pay for local taxes and duties (local charges).

A/ In order to ensure that you receive your frame by the most cost effective way, we have chosen to ship your frame with our designated courier service provider. All products shipped into a country that has import duties and/or VAT/GST will have local charges that you must pay in order to clear customs.

But don’t worry! We have already deducted these charges from the amount you have to pay to purchase your frameset.

Note: This does not apply to all markets. Shipping & Taxes Included (except in Japan & Canada where buyer pays local tax).

If you have any questions about the local charges, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

Q/ How will I know when my frame will arrive?

A/ In some markets where we have our Service Course available, your frame will be delivered from our local partner. In all other markets, our logistics partner will deliver your frame to your designated address. Whether your frame is delivered by our Service Course or courier, you will receive a payment confirmation/receipt for your purchase via email, which will also include the tracking number. If you have lost this email, please login at chapter2.co.nz using your account details to retrieve your transaction history.

Q/ How will my frame be shipped?

A/ CHAPTER2 has Service Courses in various markets where your frameset will be delivered by their designated courier service provider or you can opt for in store pick-up where applicable. In all other markets, your frame will be delivered by CHAPTER2’s designated courier service provider.

Note: We have made every practical effort to ensure that you are well informed of any duties/taxes payable for your purchase during check out. However, if you have any doubt, you should contact your local customs department for clarification. 

Q/ How long does it take for shipping?

A/ It typically takes from between 1-2 weeks for our Service Course/CHAPTER2’s courier partner to deliver your frame. Since you are responsible for paying for local charges where applicable (in some markets), the timely payment of such charges will ensure your frame gets delivered quickly.

Q/ What should I do if the box shows signs of damage upon arrival?

A/ If the box appears damaged at time of delivery, do not accept the shipment and do not sign to confirm receipt of your frame. Ask the delivery provider to “return to sender”.

Q/ Should I build my bike up myself?

A/ You should always consult your local bike shop for building your dream bike. Any damage to the frame, fork or other parts provided by CHAPTER2 as a result of negligence during the build is not covered under warranty.

Q/ What should I do if my bike needs maintenance?

A/ Your CHAPTER2 frame does not require any maintenance/tune up other than your tender loving care and periodic cleaning. However, if the drivetrain and other parts require maintenance we always recommend that you take your bike to your local bike shop for routine maintenance and repairs.

Q/ Do some of the parts for my frame come pre-installed?

A/ No. Frame, fork, seatpost, stem and all other small parts such as headset are safely packed into the box. Make sure you remove all parts from the box/packaging before you send your box to the recycler.

Q/ What does CHAPTER2 do with information it collects during a purchase?

A/ We only collect the minimum amount of information needed for the efficient processing of your order and any information collected will not be passed to any third parties, nor is it used for promotional purposes unless you have expressly allowed us to do so. Learn more about our privacy policy here.

Q/ What happens to information collected by CHAPTER2 for any surveys and/or promotions that CHAPTER2 conducts from time to time.

A/ Any information provided by you to CHAPTER2 for any surveys and promotions is covered by our privacy policy. Learn more about it here.

Q/ How do I make sure that I get the correct frame size?

A/ CHAPTER2 has compiled an extensive database of ergonomic data and all our frames have been designed to have a linear stack and reach correlation, just like 99% of you out there. Use the bike fit tool to find your perfect fit. Just remember that the result is only as good as the data you provide, so make sure you take your measurements properly and ask a partner or friend to help if necessary. Remember to download the bike fit report and save it to your account for later use.

Note: CHAPTER2 does not make any guarantees regarding the recommended frame size and a handling charge may be imposed if a frame needs to be returned due to sizing issues. If you have any doubt about the correct size, you should consult a qualified bike fitter.

Q/ What is the weight limit for rider?

A/ CHAPTER2 frames have been designed for a rider that does not exceed 100kg/220lbs and any damage to the frame and/or associated parts due to excessive rider weight will void the warranty.

Q/ Is the frame Shimano Di2, Sram eTap or Campagnolo EPS Ready?

A/ All CHAPTER2 frames have been designed to be electronic gear shifting compatible. For Shimano® Di2 and Campagnolo® EPS systems, our frames have been designed for Shimano® SM-BTR-2 and Campagnolo® V3 type batteries respectively, installed into the 27.2mm seatpost with rubber insert/plug (not provided by CHAPTER2). For SRAM® eTap, additional blank plugs have been provided to cover up the cable stop holes. In all cases, it is up to the purchaser to check with all component suppliers regarding compatibility, and installation should be done by an experienced bike mechanic.